You can help change the lives of these beautiful children! Their fathers have left their moms, who now raise and support the children with no real income. Let's change the lives of seven Haitian families, close to the heart of a dear friend of OKL:

  • Our goal is to raise the $150 annual scholarship for each student, ages 3 to 17, providing books, supplies and uniforms.
  • We are raising monies for seven families, 27 children!
  • How can such a small amount of money do so much?  The average yearly income in Haiti is less than $300, so supplies are cheap and salaries are low.
  • 100% of all donations are used for this purpose only.  There are no administrative expenses.

OKL is a 501.c3 Non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Make your donation here to support these beautiful souls!

Donate to provide books and uniforms for these Haitian children.