Odiyana Khandro Ling
Copyright 2021

One tiny grain at a time....



Rescue the Barns

  • Preserve beautiful, rare, hand-hewn antique barns by rebuilding foundation
  • Reincarnate structures as Non-Sectarian Temple + Meditation Hall, Community Event Space
  • Repurpose for apiary and agricultural needs

Library Indexing

  • Digitally catalog massive collection of sacred texts from various traditions of esoteric knowledge
  • Obtain next collections focused on healing sciences from world medicine systems 
  • Ongoing cataloging, indexing, collating, and sorting

Swaddle the Dharma

  • Ceremonially wrap printed woodblock collection of sacred texts in traditional saffron-dyed cotton fabric, embellished with unique brocade tabs

Apiary + Bee Herbarium

  • Disassembly of antique barn + rebuild a new ultra-green micro-facility in a permaculture setting
  • Build upon Pollinator Sanctuary by expanding bee yard and building apiary safe for public, open learning and observation of delicious raw honey from local Biodynamic plantings
  • Hold classes on creating herbal products sourced from own medicinal plants

Nettle’s Cottage

  • Complete renovation of cottage into a study hall, Yoga/Gi Gong studio, and Visiting Scholar’s dormitory

Johnny Apple Seed Project

  • Create a Living Fence Line with seedlings from our 150 year old Heirloom Apple Tree
  • Replace old rotting posts with apple trees, which will grow stronger over time and gift fruit for wildlife and support future cottage industries
  • (Imagine a living fence line, not built with dead wood and foreign metal, but by preserving the delicious apple line from our ancient guardian tree!)

Permaculture Design + Implementation

  • Support current and to-be-built beds and plantings: floral, culinary, medicinal, and specialty gardens and edible landscapes
  • Maintain small fruit orchards and delicious superfood berry patches

​Fairy Trail Walk

  • Create self-guided trails highlighting very special places in the landscape!
  • Maintain unique spots for meditation, contemplation, making art, or just plain sitting!

​Herb Gardens - God's Pharmacy

  • Expand and improve existing gardens containing medicinal herbs and plants
  • Build "Green" greenhouses: new geothermal, solar, and wood heated for seedlings & starts
  • Chakra Garden Golden Spiral: design and construct  Rev. Susan's received vision of seven distinct flower beds along a Fibonaci curve within the rustic landscape

Leonardo DaVinci Footbridge

  • Construct a footbridge originally designed by DaVinci over 500 years ago
  • Bridge ingeniusly engineered: made only of self-supporting native logs. No metal! 

Sacred sand mandala blessing made by Lama Kunga
​during first year of church activity