To preserve, develop, and teach systems of natural healing and energy medicine in a holistic context.

To maintain phyto-botancial gardens, emphasizing local, rare and/or endangered species and their use as green medicines. 

To hold public and professional educational events with resident and visiting teachers/facilitators.

​To network with like-minded groups in New England, the USA, and the world.


To continually preserve, protect, and enhance the wild, agrarian, and unique natural resources of Old King Farm and its environs.

To implement and improve organic and Pranic agriculture.

To adopt Biodynamic homesteading practices including historic preservation, renewable energy, and applications of green techniques
​and technologies as possible.

To promote Ecological Stewardship, including ongoing efforts as a Certified Wildlife Habitat (National Wildlife Federation), Monarch Butterfly Waystation (Monarch Watch), Botanical Sanctuary Network (United Plant Savers),  and supporting a diversified Riparian Wildlife Corridor. 

To offer public seminars and trainings in such topics, with resident and visiting teachers/facilitators.


To support the development and enhancement of healthy community relations within the Foundation and larger society.

To explore innovative structures of governance such as the socio-cratic model, engaging with local and State ​organizations, especially 
​schools and churches.

To integrate as much of the above three pillars as feasible into outreach programs accessible for young people, ​including archiving and sharing these as worthy educational experiences for posterity.

To network with a symbiotic grid of like-minded, consciously-oriented centers world wide.


To develop an Institute of Applied Metaphysics, introducing a streamlined holistic approach to teaching integrative spirituality.

To develop and present a range of educational programs that allow access to essential teachings of the world’s great yogic, philosophic,
​and esoteric traditions at a high level of efficiency, emphasizing the lived and practical aspects thereof.

To offer a full spectrum of learning options to serve the generally interested public, clergy, seminarians, and those who may wish to pursue ordination as Minister Healers.

To build strong outreach to sister organizations worldwide.

To serve as a post-modern Shedra (collegium) to train qualified aspirants to the Ngakpa (mantradharin) path, who can then go on to pursue advanced training and apprenticeship with qualified lineage-holding masters.


To uplift Humanity within Nature,  bridging the many divided religions, by offering true service to all .Helping seekers to find the core of Truth within the individual's unique journey to universal  understanding and compassionate responsibility. 

To maintain a functioning sanctuary, teaching hall, library, and galleries  in support of  meditation programs, ceremonies and public discourses both with resident and visiting teachers and facilitators. 

To foster the development of integrated contemplative lifestyles within a contemporary context, particularly in ​empowering women. 

To network with like-minded groups in New England, the USA, and the world.

Odiyana Khandro Ling
​Copyright 2021

The human family has received from the Creator
a common gift: Nature

- Pope Francis, Lauduto Si