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The Lotus Born Stupa

Nettles Cottage Labyrinth Garden

OKL is proud to host the only known Nature Spirit Sanctuary in North America!

We have a very special spot identified by a Feng Shui Master, and consecrated over the years by ceremonies from Native American, Japanese Shinto, Shamanic, Celtic, Tibetan Buddhist, Anthroposophic, and various Christian traditions. 
This is part of our ecumenical mission and our heart felt goal to restore true healing for the world.

The ancient stone cairn is presided over by an old, stately cedar tree, and we built a rustic style Tori Gate from native red cedar logs. This gateway to the realm of the pixies and gnomes was dedicated in a very special blessing ceremony by a Shingon priest performing the sacred tantric fire ritual, Goma.

​We are very privileged to be able to honor mankind's relationship with the invisible aspects of the natural world in such an inclusive and deeply peaceful way.

Stupas are Buddhist monuments dating back to antiquity -- originally made of earth and stone, Stupas have evolved through time and many cultures to serve as vehicles of Peace.

Weapons are placed beneath the base of the Stupa, with heavy stones and concrete placed atop them with the intention of pacifying violence. Next, sacred materials such as jewels, texts, herbs, crystals, medicines, handicrafts and other artifacts are placed in the Stupa base, or harmika.

The spire, or cone-shaped top of the Stupa serves as an axis, pointing toward the heavens, grounded to the earth. Inside are an amazing assortment of relics of over 200 Saints, over one million hand-printed mantras (prayers), and other rare and unique talismans and holy objects.

The Lotus Born Stupa will emanate peace and healing energies for 1,000 years! Come visit this beautiful monument nestled among our rolling hills! The next phase of our Stupa project includes landscaping a beautiful surrounding garden and construction of a graceful meditation Pagoda.

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Nature Spirit Sanctuary