The Institute for Applied Metaphysics (IAM)

Odiyana Khandro Ling
Copyright 2021

The process of education as a mindful practice is central to our mission at OKL. Our world class Indo-Tibetan library replete with rare and precious dharma texts offers textual access to the Buddhist world. Relatedly, our community of scholar-practitioners, biodynamic farmers, and energy healers, offer a vast array of seminars, ceremonies and workshops aimed at the practical application of philosophical education. Study and practice makes perfect!

The cornerstone of our educational initiatives at OKL is our recently conceived Institute of Advanced Metaphysics (IAM). The IAM is a highly innovative seminary program guided by an energetic emphasis on practical and applicable techniques for spiritual healing. The program will offer rigorous study and immersion in spiritual healing practices from the major world religions. The ultimate aim of the program is to empower minister-practitioners to serve the greater web of life.

IAM will additionally promote advanced engagement with Buddhist Studies through scholarly, philosophical and meditative avenues. In this regard, the Institute will serve as a Shedra (Collegium) for westerners seeking a deep rooting in the practical and theoretical context of Buddhism, which will then promote safe and clear entry into more refined and advanced practices and empowerments. At this stage, successful students will be offered a traditional apprenticeship at the Academy of Mantric Sciences, with Lama Rangbar of the Bodhivastu Foundation

Yuthok, a Physician, Saint and Father of Tibetan Medicine