Namgyal Dorji, pictured second from right

A stone hut rests upon a hilltop in Bhutan's countryside -- Dorji's proposed retreat dwelling

Dorji has found a suitable retreat dwelling, but has no resources to sustain himself for the duration of this very special spiritual endeavor. Your contribution will fully and directly fund Dorji's needs.

All funds collected via Odiyana Khandro Ling are tax-deductible and will be transferred to Dorji's host monastery to cover his expenses. 
A little goes a very long way -- any amount helps!

Please consider donating to help Dorji become a Lama!

Help Support Namgyal Dorji

Our friend Namgyal Dorji, a Bhutanese monk, has just completed lifelong study at a monastery near Thimpu, Bhutan's capital city. Dorji is now preparing to do his first yogic retreat -- three years and three months in complete seclusion.

However, Dorji is facing financial obstacles to fund his retreat. As such, we are gathering together in spirit to raise $1,500 (USD).